Learn geometry concepts by watching animated letters dance across your screen!

Free mini movies for your SmartBoard!

Now you can use all of the mini-movies from Alphabet Geometry offline! Each movie is a Flash .swf file and can be downloaded and inserted into a SmartBoard Notebook presentation. Every mini-movie is free of charge and can be used without restriction by teachers in their classrooms for instructional purposes (please contact me for other uses). All I ask in return is that you help spread the word about Alphabet Geometry by taking one of the actions below.


To preview each movie, simply click on its link (note: each mini-movie is larger than actual size). If you like it, right click (control-click on a Mac) on the link and download the movie to your computer. To insert it into a Notebook file, simply go to the INSERT menu and select FLASH FILE. From there, just navigate until you find the file you downloaded.


Alphabet Geometry Mini-Movies

More Geometry Mini - Movies

(i) = interactive


(i) = interactive





Area & Perimeter

Similar Figures

More to come! Check back soon for the latest mini-movies for your SmartBoard!


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